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Our team has helped more than 10,000 people restore confidence and prepare for the toughest challenge they’ve ever faced—including recalibrating their lives after a criminal investigation. Some people choose to work toward the best possible outcome, while others take a wait-and-see approach. If government prosecutors set their sites on you, learn from our case studies. 


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Justin has been of great support through this prison experience. He is in constant my Son and me to help prepare us for the future. Justin will help you come out a Winner!!

Angela Holton

Justin Paperny prepares people for life behind bars. Part fixer, part advisor, and part therapist, he is uniquely qualified, with close ties to Hollywood and high-profile defense attorneys.

Washington Post

Justin is as genuine as they come. If you are facing time in prison you need Justin! It is imperative that you know what to do and what NOT TO DO when facing prison. for the time! Five Stars- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Robert Blanchard

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How to Ruin (of Fix) Your Prison Term

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First Day In Federal Prison (Key Tips)

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Try This Before Sentencing

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7 Strategies That Got Me A Short Sentence

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Lawyer?

If an individual anticipates that he or she will face a criminal charge, one of the first challenges will be to begin working with a lawyer. That isn’t easy. In most circumstances, people don’t know where to find a lawyer. They don’t know how to qualify a lawyer. And they don’t know how to work effectively with a lawyer. On our YouTube channel and podcast, we feature interviews with lawyers. Listen and learn more about the steps you should take before you hire a lawyer. Understand the fee structure. Understand your options. Make a more informed decision by interacting with other people who have been in similar situations. Invest your time to learn before you sign a retainer agreement that may result in six-figure expenditures.

How Will this Charge Influence My Family?
When prosecutors bring charges against an individual, life changes for a family. The charges can bring ancillary consequences that are difficult to anticipate. Friendships end. Reputations get tarnished. Marriages can crumble. Learn how such events have influenced others and create a game plan that will work best for you. Create both an offensive and a defensive strategy in response to the fallout. Our videos and podcasts will give you more insight into productive ways to cope with the challenges that accompany a criminal charge, conviction, and sentence.
How Should I Manage my Business or Career?
Do not be shortsighted. A criminal charge can change a life forever. There is an urgency to prepare for court proceedings, for sentencing, and possibly for prison. At the soonest possible time, like now, you should start thinking about the career you will have when this ends. Think about how a criminal charge will influence your earning capacity going forward. Learn more about how a charge or conviction will influence financial relationships. Learn more about seeds you can begin planting now. Every decision you make will influence your earning power ahead. Invest time to learn so that you can recalibrate and rebuild.
What Does Sentence Mitigation Mean?
If your lawyer isn’t helping you understand best practices with regard to sentence mitigation, then what responsibility do you have to learn more?

A comprehensive sentence-mitigation strategy will help you build an influential case on why you’re worthy of mercy. Do not be like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand with delusions that your attorney will do everything for you. Think about the proactive steps that you can begin taking today.

Begin by thinking about the judge. What thoughts does your judge have about every defendant that appears for sentencing? In what ways are you going to differentiate yourself from others?

The more introspective you become, the more effective you will be at preparing. Build a powerful case for leniency with your deliberate sentence-mitigation strategy. If you don’t know what works, then invest the time to learn best practices and strategies that other people have used. If you’d like to learn more, get our case study on sentence mitigation strategies.

What if My Lawyer Doesn't Explain Prison?
If you hired your lawyer to help you understand prison, you made a bad hiring decision. Lawyers are analytical thinkers. To practice law, they stay current on statutes, case law, and sentencing proceedings. They do not study prison, they’ve never experienced prison, and they do not have the bandwidth to respond to questions about how to make the most of a prison journey. Enter your email into the form above to get a free copy of Lessons from Prison. You will get an a-to-z guide of everything I experienced. And if you listen to our podcast, you will learn from hundreds of others.

Pharmacist Nearly Returns To Federal Prison Camp "My probation officer and judge sent me back to the halfway house for six months and added three years of supervision because I bought a damn cup of coffee. These people are out to ruin your lives. You are never free," my bunkie...

Hunter Biden Convicted: A Detailed Breakdown of Next Steps

Facing a Federal Investigation? Insights With Ron Chapman I connected with Ron Chapman through LinkedIn, where we often commented on each other's posts about sentencing and mitigation. A few weeks ago, after I posted a video describing why some white-collar defense attorneys...

Facing a Federal Investigation? Insights With Ron Chapman I connected with Ron Chapman through LinkedIn, where we often commented on each other's posts about sentencing and mitigation. A few weeks ago, after I posted a video describing why some white-collar defense attorneys...

“Unshackled Ambition: GRIT in Federal Prison” 

The ultimate challenge in life is finding a career doing something you love. Here I am at 48, just finishing 11 months in Federal prison at Leavenworth, Kansas, and I have found something I love doing.  What is that? It’s helping people who went through the same exact...

Learn how to Restore Your Reputation After a Criminal Charge

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Learn more about our personal advocacy work to help restore your strength and confidence. The more you learn how to navigate your way to a better outcome, the stronger you will in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

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