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I understand what it’s like to come home from federal prison and look for a job. Further, while job searching its very easy to be reminded of all of the consequences of a criminal conviction. Former prisoners have to check the box, explain the lapse in their employment history and more.

For many reasons, I chose to create my own business that focused primarily on federal prison consulting and corporate ethics speaking. But I understand my path is not for everyone.

JJustin Paperny Discusses Post Prison Jobs

Justin Paperny Discusses Post Prison Jobs

Many years ago I created the Michael G. Santos Foundation (MGSF). We’ve had a number of objectives over the years. More recently, it has been focused on creating post prison jobs through our staffing company.

We recently spun off the website at Post Prison Jobs to focus specifically on putting formally incarcerated people to work.

Experience in putting formerly incarcerated put people to work tells me that some employers are reluctant to put formally incarcerated people on their payroll.

Some employers presume formally incarcerated people will file frivolous workers compensation claims, which will drive up their rates. Other employers question their work ethic or accountability. Some presume they will simply continue to commit crimes. Of course, there are many more reasons.

Prison Prison Jobs removes the risk employers face.

The difference is Post Prison Jobs was created specifically to employ people out of prison. Post Prison Jobs hires the person, pays their taxes and worker compensation insurance. Post Prison Jobs finds the employer and places our employee at our client’s place of employment.

In time, if our employee is succeeding he/she can be converted to a full time employee.

Post Prison Jobs is building momentum. We have placed our employees at a number of great companies, including Golden State Lumber.

We have an excellent track record of placing good honest hark working people. In so doing, we debunk many of the fears and misperceptions that people have about working with formerly incarcerated people.

Thankfully, a number of my prison consulting clients have expressed interest in volunteering for Post Prison Jobs. Many are in a unique position to share their skillset and give back to those who have earned a second chance. Post Prison Jobs is at the forefront of helping formerly incarcerated people transition to the labor force. Despite a busy prison consulting and corporate speaking schedule, I am honored to help play a role in this venture. Indeed, I was given a second chance many years ago. It is our privilege to help others in need find that same second chance.

Justin Paperny

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