Today we have the pleasure of learning from Belen Enriquez. Belen served a 15 month sentence in a women’s federal prison. Specifically, she served her sentence at the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

In this video, Belen and I discuss a number of prison issues, including:

1: What was a typical day for her in federal prison?
2: How did she stay productive in federal prison?
3: What type of job did she have?
4: Did Belen have any disciplinary infractions, and if she did, what were the repercussions?
5: What advice does she have for new prisoners?
6: How much good time did she get on her sentence?

And more!

Our team admires Belen for speaking openly and honestly about her experience through the federal prison system. It is clear she used her time in the federal detention center wisely. It is also clear she will continue to use her experience to help other people going through the criminal justice system.

Belen and I hope you find value in our video.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny

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