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  Number        Topic Title
027 Federal Judge Unimpressed by Defendants’ Sentencing Preparations
026 Jose Huizar Sentenced to 13 Years In Prison: Why His Letter To Judge Walter Backfired
025 10 Strategies To Prepare For Federal Prison
024 Reduce Your Federal Prison Sentence
023 Long Federal Prison Sentence Threatens To Tear Family Apart
022 Carl Jung’s Wisdom Guides Federal Judge’s Sentence
021 Crafting the Right Message: Lessons From a Doctor’s Federal Sentencing Hearing
020 I Received A Letter In Federal Prison
019 Executive Blames Himself For Long Prison Sentence
018 Harsh Truths About Federal Prison Camps
017 Unseen Risks In White-Collar Crime Cases
016 10 Days, 10 Actions: Your Federal Prison Starter Kit
015 Engineer Pathways to the Highest Level of Liberty At The Soonest Possible Time
014 Sentencing Guidelines Basics on Sentencing Guidelines
This article offers insight into sentencing guidelines, helping people that want to prepare mitigation strategies.
013 Early Release Options for Early Release
This article offers a series of options people going into prison should consider about early release.
012 First Step Act First Step Act—Basics
The First Step Act advanced possibilities for compassionate release, and other reforms. Learn how to build a persuasive case for relief.
011 Executive Clemency Greg Reyes: Path to Pardon
Greg Reyes, the former CEO of Brocade, reveals the strategies he used to position himself for a presidential pardon.
010 Surrendering Top-Ten Tips Before Surrendering to Prison
This article offers insight that anyone should consider prior to surrendering to prison
009 Sentencing Allocution at Sentencing
A person can work toward a lower sentence with an effective allocution strategy. This article offers insight for people that want to prepare for the lowest sentence.
008 Designation Designation Basics in the Bureau of Prisons
Learn steps you can take to influence the process of designation in the Bureau of Prisons. If you understand the process, you can take steps to influence the process in your favor.
007 Prison Lessons Prison Lesson Samples
See examples of the lessons we create to teach and inspire people in prison.
006 Publish in Prison

How to Publish in Prison

A policy statement to help prospective authors understand the rules about writing manuscripts in prison.

005 Prison Course Sample of Prison Course on Amazon
We publish the courses we create on the Amazon platform. Short video shows the process.
004 Top-Ten Tips Before Surrender

Get our Top Ten Tips Before Surrendering

Learn from these ideas on how to prepare for success before you surrender to prison.

003 Life In Federal Prison

Prison Life

Get a better understanding of the journey by understanding the idiosyncrasies of living in prison.

002 Sentence Mitigation Workbook

Access our Sentence Mitigation Workbook

Learn strategies to work toward a lower sentence with our sentence mitigation workbook.

001 Trust Reviews  You want a credible team to guide you through challenging times. Our reviews may give you comfort.